CITRISOFT H20® acid-based water conditioning agents minimize the negative reactions between minerals in your water & the pesticides you add to the spray-tank. CITRISOFT H20® has been used with pesticides on millions of acres in Canada.


pH Adjustor®


Acid based water conditioning agent

1. Increased weed absorption of herbicides.

When added to water, the citric acid in Citrisoft® binds positively charged minerals (cations) like calcium, iron, and magnesium that are present in ground water sources. Binding these minerals helps reduce the unfavorable chemical reaction these minerals have on pesticides. A great example is glyphosate. When you have positively charged minerals (cations) in your spray water they are strongly attracted to the negatively charged glyphosate molecule (“opposites attract”). These cations have the potential to bind to the glyphosate molecules. When this occurs weeds absorb less of the bound up glyphosate resulting in decreased glyphosate performance.

2. Improved chemical performance.

When added to water, Citrisoft® significantly lowers the pH of the water solution. Many crop protection products prefer a lower water pH than what many groundwater sources provide. Appropriate water pH can reduce the degradation and deactivation of pesticides that can occur under higher pH levels. In general, the ideal pH for water used with pesticides is slightly acidic (pH 4.0 to 6.5). The exception seems to be sulfonyl urea herbicides (X, R, XPRO, etc) which prefer a more alkaline environment.


  • Available in a convenient liquid formulation
  • Case containining 2 x 9.46 L jugs
  • Each jug treats 1,000 US gallons of water
  • Each case treats 2,000 US gallons of water


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