AgronoMax PRO

AgronoMax PRO is a reliable solution for all crops, providing sophisticated field monitoring and forecasting.

AgronoMax PRO can be used on its own or combined with other AgronoMax equipment offerings.


  • Hourly updated, location-specific to your farm forecasts for work planning

  • Know when to spray, fertilize or access fields based on forecasted rain amounts, timing, wind speed and direction, & potential wash off periods

  • Know when forecasted lows may impact spray efficacy

  • Meteorological specific sensors support the knowledge of conditions for many crop disease infection risks – including Sclerotinia & FHB

  • Time fungicide applications based on growth stage and disease risk to preserve yields & grade

  • Less risk & efficient management


  • Precipitation

  • Temperature 

  • Relative humidity 

  • Ultrasonic wind speed 

  • Ultrasonic wind direction

  • Soil moisture & temperature 

  • Solar radiation 

  • Leaf wetness

  • Crop disease modeling (single crop)

Check from anywhere

AgronoMax PRO includes Pessl’s durable and dependable ECO D3 station with the addition of the Aquacheck 60cm soil probe. Temperature, precipitation, and relative humidity plus your site-specific precision forecast can be monitored off your mobile device or desktop.

Subscription includes

  • All required hardware

  • Hardware guarantee

  • Cellular connectivity

  • AgronoMax Climate dashboard (website and app)

  • Professional site specific forecasting

  • Weekly in-season newsletter

  • Alerts

  • Work planning tool package (e.g. Forecasted Spray Index)

  • Online user training

  • Data sharing options

  • Data exportation to other management systems

Stay informed with the AgronoMax Climate dashboard (website and app)

Professional installation required.*
HARDWARE GUARANTEE!** Ask us for details.
*Additional installation service fees may apply.
**Guarantee restrictions may apply; basic maintenance, including clearing debris, is the responsibility of the subscriber.
+ See your AgronoMax customer agreement for details.
Cellular Network Required